Car Air FilterCar engines need air to run. In order to get an adequate amount, the air is sucked in from outside the car. But the air must be cleaned before it is allowed to enter the engine to prevent contamination. That’s where the air filter comes in. Not everyone knows when to replace the filter or how to do it properly. We’ve got the air filter replacement process reduced to seven simple steps do you can D-I-Y.

Why It’s Important to Replace Your Air Filter

The air filter is constantly trapping potentially harmful contaminants from entering into the engine. As a result, the filter gets dirty and heavy with all of the debris it has trapped. Changing your air filter will ensure that there is always a solid barrier between your engine and the outside air preventing damage. And changing the filter also increases fuel economy because your car won’t have to work as hard taking in air when accelerating.

When to Replace Your Air Filter

It’s usually a good idea to inspect your air filter ever 3,000 miles, or every oil change, to ensure it’s clean enough to be used. Normally, mechanics recommend changing your air filter every 6,000 miles, or every other oil change. You can find more information on when you should change your air filter by consulting your car owner’s manual.

How to Replace Your Air Filter

If you feel comfortable enough working on cars or don’t have access to a mechanic, you might be able to replace the air filter yourself. Replacing the filter can be completed in 7 simple steps:

  1. Pop your car’s hood and locate the air filter box in your engine.
  2. Unhook the clips or remove the screws that hold the air filter box together.
  3. Open the box and remove the old air filter, noting which way the filter is placed for reference.
  4. Clean, vacuum and wipe the box to ensure it is clear of any contaminants or debris.
  5. Place the new air filter into the box, facing the same way as the old filter.
  6. Close the box and reattach the screws or clips.
  7. Ensure the hose is properly connected to the air filter box before starting the vehicle.

And that’s it! Make sure you have safety goggles on when performing work. Replacing your air filter is one of the easiest car repair projects you can complete at home!