According to the U.S. Energy  Information Administration, United States citizens consumed approximately 133 billion gallons of gas in 2012.

And with gas prices consistently hovering around the $3.30 mark per gallon, Americans spend approximately $3,000 filling up at the pump every year. In a small car with a 12 gallon fuel tank, a driver can expect to pay approximately $39.60 every time they hit “E”. Filling up once a week will cost $158.40 a month, and $1,900.80 a year…on a small car! But look around. Many New Mexico drivers are rolling around in crossovers, SUVs and full-size trucks with bigger tanks that get fewer miles per gallon. They’re paying even more! With the high price of gas, it’s imperative that car owners find new ways to improve fuel economy.

Conserve More Gas with these 5 Tips

Your driving habits, your car and what you use your car for all contribute to the amount of fuel you burn. In order to save money on your fuel costs, you can:

  1. Walk, run or ride a bike. We aren’t suggesting that you try to walk across town in freezing cold weather, but there are a few instances where it might make sense to opt for your legs or a bike for transportation (going to the gas station, etc.). Save gas, save the planet from emissions and work on your fitness instead!
  2. Carpool. If you and a few co-workers or friends live close together, you can carpool to save gas. You can leave your car at home a few times a week when its someone else’s turn to drive in exchange for picking people up when it’s your turn–or get some gas money in return!
  3. Plan. Sometimes, it’s easy to start running errands without thinking about how much fuel we’re consuming. Instead of running around town burning more fuel than necessary by backtracking and making random stops, plan your trip ahead so you can get everything done, one section of town at a time.
  4. Invest. If saving gas and helping the environment are your primary concerns, it might be time to trade in your vehicle for a more environmentally friendly car. With so many hybrid and electric options (or just more fuel-efficient traditional models), there’s something out there for everyone and every budget.
  5. Unload. Although it’s important to keep some emergency supplies in your vehicle just in case, unloading unused skiing equipment, books and other unnecessary items can reduce the work that your engine does to power your car. Less work = less gas required.

These five tips can make a major difference in the amount of gas that you need in your car, reducing your fuel costs over time!

Save Even More Gas!

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