Rules of Alaska
Wait, what? Moose can’t have alcohol?

Sometimes, you just have to know that it’s not okay to look at a moose from an airplane.

In the second installment of our “Silly Laws” blog, we’re taking a look at the funny, silly and baffling laws from our state in the great white north, Alaska.

Things to Avoid Doing in Alaska

The normal things will get you in trouble, like speeding and running red lights. But did you know that you can also get in trouble in Alaska for:

    • Waking a sleeping bear to take a picture (although, we’d wager the bear would get to you before the authorities do)
    • Stringing trip wire over any road
    • Living in a trailer while it’s being hauled
    • Feeding alcohol to a moose
    • Carrying a concealed slingshot without a license
    • Letting your pet flamingo into a barber shop

Some of these seem to self explanatory, but we have to wonder what must have happened for the people of Alaska to pass these laws!

Check Back for More Silly Laws

Every month, we’ll be featuring a state with ridiculous laws. Up next is Arizona! Make sure you check back next month for more odd laws in our beloved 50 states!