Do you know what driving laws exist in Iowa?
Do you know what driving laws exist in Iowa?

Every month we bring you silly traffic and vehicle-related laws from around the country. All of these laws are hilarious for their own reasons and it seems that there are at least a few in every state. This month, we’re heading over to Iowa for our latest installment!

You May Not Throw Bricks without a Permit

Some of these laws will leave you scratching your head in wonder. Others are just plain funny. If you are passing through Iowa anytime soon, just remember:

  • You must obtain a permit from the City Council of Mount Vernon to be able to throw bricks onto a highway
  • Horses are forbidden to eat fire hydrants
  • The Ice Cream Man and his truck are banned from operations
  • Any hotel within city limits must have a water bucket and hitching post in front
  • Liquor stores are not allowed to place advertisements for beer outside the store

We’d hate to see you get in trouble for committing any of these grievous offenses. You have been warned!

Heard Any Ridiculous Laws Lately?

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