Silly Michigan Laws
Rules in Michigan…what can’t you do!

Oh, boy, the silly laws just keep coming. When we first started writing this blog, we weren’t sure how many we would find. Sure, we knew there would be a few, but we’re finding that there are at least a handful in every state that directly affect traffic and roadway laws! Let the craziness live on! This month’s installment explores the silliness in Michigan.

These are really laws?

Yes, they really are. We promise. We’re not sure we could make them up.

When in Michigan, do not, under any circumstance:

    • Become intoxicated on a train. Being intoxicated IN a train is apparently okay to do.
    • Sell a car on Sunday. Feel free to sell your engine, your car radio, and your tires, though.
    • Willfully destroy your old radio. Willfully destroying your NEW radio is permitted, apparently.
    • Throw a hoop skirt onto a street or sidewalk. Instead, throw them on cars, in your neighbor’s yard, or off the side of a building.

Michigan, you set the standard for silly traffic laws. Keep up the good work!

Come Back Next Month

We’ll feature a state with silly laws every month on our blog. Come back and visit in December for the next installment!