A camel and the open road, just not in Nevada!
A camel and the open road, just not in Nevada!

MVD Express keeps up with the latest laws regarding licensing, titling and registration in order to get you in, done and on your way in no time. We also have a great time following laws from all over the country to find the funniest ones to add a little laughter to your day! 🙂

Our monthly silly law blog has brought us to many places around the country, introducing you to some of the most obscure and hilarious laws still in existence. This month, we’re traveling to a place that’s very near and dear to us: Nevada.

What Not to Do in Nevada

Since Nevada isn’t far from the great state of New Mexico, these silly laws hit a little closer to home. Did you know that in Nevada:

  • It is illegal to drive a camel on the highway. Perfectly legal to do so on a city street, though.
  • You are required to wear a mask when walking the streets of Elko. You’ll be wondering where the masquerade is!
  • It is illegal to lay down on the sidewalk in Reno. The middle of the street is a-okay!
  • Benches cannot be put in the middle of the street in Reno. Tough luck for those who want a nice place to relax in the middle of traffic.

Not everything that happens in Nevada stays in Nevada, particularly if you break any of these laws! We’re sure you’ll tell a few people, for example, if you forget to wear a mask when walking down the street in Elko or get pulled over for driving a camel on a highway! That would make for a great story.