Sleeping At Night
Parents, sleep better at night…

You’ll remember that moment forever: handing off the car keys to your teenage child.

For some parents, this event means being in a constant state of terror for their child’s safety. For those parents: rest assured—there are ways that you can monitor your child’s activities while they have the car. New technological advances have enabled parents to observe from afar, allowing your child to have the freedom of driving by themselves while calming your fears.

Ways to Monitor your Child’s Driving Activity

Well, you can always just hide out in the back seat and never let them know that you’re there. If that option isn’t possible (or just seems a little creepy to you), think about:

    • Installing a TwiFamily Safety Deck. With this device, you can monitor where your child is, how fast they are driving, and set boundaries for how fast they are allowed to drive. The system also offers notifications and emergency calls, if needed.
    • Using a Mavizon System. It does many of the same things as the previous system, but it gives you the ability to restrict where the car is allowed to travel—and it gives a reminder to the driver when they travel outside of the boundaries.
    • Loading App4Drivers on your teenager’s phone. This app can be installed on your child’s phone to track movement, speed and, most importantly, texting and cell phone use while driving.

These are just some of the programs available to you to help you monitor your child’s speed and activity while driving alone. Go ahead, have a sigh of relief.

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