Let your smile shine!
Let your smile shine!

At MVD Express, we know how far a smile and a friendly face can go for our customers. Your days can be pretty hectic and a smile can be a welcome refreshment while you’re taking care of all your MVD needs. That’s why we offer fast and friendly service to every one of our customers at any of our convenient locations… with a smile! 🙂

Celebrating the Power of a Smile

Today, we are celebrating National Smile Power Day! We know the power of a smile can:

    • Spread joy. Have you ever smiled at someone on the street? More often than not, they return the smile. Who knows, your smile might set off a chain reaction of smiles!
    • Bring people together. A smile from a stranger can lead to a conversation that could brighten your day!
    • Offer sincerity. A compliment or an expression of gratitude is great, but it can appear to be more sincere with a smile.
    • Break down barriers. Sometimes, all it takes to get someone to engage in conversation is a smile. The distance between two people, even those with opposing life views, is shortened with a smile!

Of course, walking around with a constant smile on your face might be a little creepy. Knowing when to flash your pearly whites is the best way to spread some love around in an appropriate way! Now go out there and show the world the power of your smile!