Customer Service
Sometimes, things happen.

This week, we’ve been busy helping customers with their MVD Express needs. Our customer service agents do their very best to make sure that you’re getting the best possible service every time, and that you leave our stores content. Most of the time, our customers walk out satisfied that their customer service agent did absolutely everything they could to make their experience positive. These are the customers that come back and use our services the next time they have a MVD problem.

Most of the time, a customer leaves happy. Sometimes, it doesn’t happen exactly like that.

This Was One of Them

At MVD Express, we know that people have bad days. Children get sick, work is terrible and there is too much traffic on the freeway. And, even though we do everything we can to help a customer, sometimes these problems can cloud judgment and make someone lose their cool in any type of environment—even friendly ones. Late last week, we had a particular customer come in to get their MVD needs take care of quickly. We aren’t aware of what her situation was, but she left our offices disappointed and upset. She had been a little short and rude to our agents without reason.

This is How it Ended

We take the feelings and needs of our customers seriously. When our customers are upset about something, so are we. After all, we’re all one big New Mexico family! We were honestly upset when the customer left in a bad mood. We never like it that way.

A few days ago, the same customer came back in to MVD Express. She wasn’t there to complain about the experience she had, she was there with flowers and an apology. Although it was not necessary, the experience reminded us that we all have bad days, and that’s what makes us human. It’s what we do with those relationships after a bad experience that solidifies relationships and makes a community stronger. The gesture reminded us of how special every single relationship is.

And we’ll continue to build ours with the people of New Mexico for as long as possible.