Distracted Driving
What do you know about distracted driving?

As careful drivers, we all try to avoid obstacles in the road to prevent damage to our cars and accidents. Our constant diligence allows us to travel from place to place without incident.

In the video, we see a three-toed sloth attempting to make its way across a busy road. Naturally slow, the sloth has to be picked up by a stopped motorist and carried to the other side. The three-toed sloth was able to cross safely because the motorist was paying attention… but what would have happened if the motorist wasn’t  Distracted driving is a growing concern among drivers in New Mexico.

Distracted Driving Awareness in New Mexico

Distracted driving is an important issue that faces New Mexico drivers every day. We all see people talking on their cell phones, putting on makeup, eating or doing other things that divert their attention from the road. Being aware of these drivers can help you avoid accidents. Help raise awareness in New Mexico by:

  • Modeling attentive driving while driving with family or friends
  • Talking to your friends and family about the dangers of distracted driving
  • Educating yourself on the penalties for offenses like texting and driving
  • Making an agreement with your peers to drive attentively and avoid distractions

The more people are aware of the consequences of distracted driving, the less likely they are to participate in it. Your influence can make a difference.