Car Care Tips
Take care of your car.

The long days and warm nights of summer are in full swing. During this time, it’s extremely important to take certain measures to keep your car running smoothly. Keeping your car in top condition throughout the year will help it run better and last longer.

Don’t Forget about your Tires

The one part of the car that most people overlook is their tires. During the summer months, the heat from the road expands your tires. Check the recommended air fill for your tires and follow the guidelines! Making sure that the pressure in your tires is optimal will ensure maximum fuel efficiency. Too much pressure might cause a blow out.

Add Coolant While Traveling or Towing

Many people choose to travel or move during the summer months. The weather is nice, and many people want to visit friends, go on vacation, or choose this as the perfect time to move. If you are going to be traveling long distances or hauling/towing in the heat, make sure that you have enough coolant in your car. Check the levels in your car every time you stop for gas, and carry extra just in case. You’ll prevent your engine from overheating and possibly failing on you in the middle of a trip.

Unload the Trunk

Gas burns up quicker during the summer months. The heat, coupled with the great need for an air conditioner can leave you filling up your tank more than once a week. If you are planning on driving a lot, unload your trunk to get maximum fuel efficiency because the overall weight of your car impacts fuel efficiency. After all, every penny counts during these times!

Visit MVD Express this Summer

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