Seat belt - 10 and 2 - Adjust your mirrors. You got this!
Seat belt – 10 and 2 – Adjust your mirrors. You got this!

Summer is the perfect season to hit the road with your windows down and your favorite song on the radio. The only problem is you don’t have the ability to do so alone because you don’t have your driver’s license yet! Not to worry! MVD Express can help!

When to Take Your Driver’s Test

Depending on your age and experience, the requirements to take your road test and obtain your New Mexico driver’s license might differ. For example, if you are over 24 you do not have to take the None for the Road educational course before obtaining your license. But the two constant requirements are passing your written and road tests. Consider taking your road test only after:

        • You understand the New Mexico driving laws
        • You have had enough driving practice to feel comfortable
        • You have experience driving in inclement weather and darkness
        • You have successfully passed the written driver’s exam

You are the only person who can judge how comfortable you are behind the wheel. Really ask yourself if you are prepared to drive responsibly in all types of situations before scheduling the test.

Schedule Your Driver’s License Test Today

If you feel that you are ready and have met all other New Mexico requirements for driver’s licensing, you can schedule your appointment at any MVD Express location around the state. Sometimes we can even fit you in on the same day you call to schedule your appointment. Contact us today to schedule your road test appointment!