Giving thanks to our new employees.

New employees are given the daunting task of learning systems, procedures and office rules all at once. A successful new employee accomplishes these tasks on a short learning curve. At one point, we’ve all been the new employee, and we understand how difficult transitioning into a new job can be.

That’s why it’s so impressive when a person can understand the new information quickly and translate it into giving excellent service to our customers. Our careful selection of new hires ensures that they will be able handle the demands of a customer service agent at any of our locations. One recent new hire especially impressed us when she was so quick to pick up the new skills she was learning. During the busiest times of the day, we were able to count on her knowledge to give our customers the type of service they deserve. We’re grateful for her and for the people who have been working with her to help her succeed.

Gratitude for our Employees

We are a company based on the gratitude we feel for our customers and our employees. Without people like our new hire mentioned in this blog, we wouldn’t be able to stay in business for very long. Thank you to everyone who has made it possible for us to succeed.