MVD Express Gratitude
Extra assistance goes a long way…!

At MVD Express, we understand that our employees have things that prevent them from making it in to work from time to time.  Although our employees are incredibly reliable, we were short staffed at one of our locations during one of the busiest days of the week. Our customer service agents were doing a great job keeping up with our customers, but we took preemptive action and called in to another location for help.

One of the customer service agents from a nearby store rose to the occasion and headed down to the short-staffed store immediately. After she arrived, business slowed down a bit. Because of her, we were able to catch up on backed up paper work and other office duties. We are so grateful that we have employees who will step up when they are called on!

A Culture of Gratitude

Our employees and customers are the reason that we are able to stay in business and we are grateful for them. We promote a culture of gratitude for each other and our communities in our stores every day. Thank you!