Social Media
Social media and criticism…

In the world of Facebook and Twitter, you can’t control what’s being said about you. Customers, both happy and unhappy ones, let their voices be heard through social media. That’s why it’s really special to us when we hear something good about our employees and company.

Grateful for our Employees

Yesterday, we received a great compliment about one of our employees through our Twitter account. To make the compliment even more special, the experience that was mentioned took place outside of work. At MVD Express, we do our very best to hire friendly, personable employees who can do well at their job. By doing that, we’ve built a culture of excellent people who excel at things, both during working hours as well as in their off time. For that, we’re truly grateful.

A Company of Gratitude

As a company, we’re extremely  grateful for our employees, community and the opportunity to serve. We know that, without all of you, we wouldn’t be able to do the things we do. So keep up the good work!