We're so thankful for our hardworking team.
We’re so thankful for our loyal team of employees.

At MVD Express, we know that work can often make you want to pull out your hair, especially when you have people who need help with complicated issues. It takes a lot of strength, patience and knowledge to be able to complete the tasks your job requires with a smile on your face. Our employees exhibit these qualities everyday and we are so grateful for their effort to go above and beyond for our customers. They are kind and friendly, even while in extremely stressful situations.

Our Community

We know that one of the reasons our employees are able to function as well as they do is because they have support from everyone else in our organization. We have created a community that extends beyond being co-workers. We are a family that supports one another when needed. We’re more than happy to help each other through the longer, more difficult days and lend a helping hand when needed. Our employees are what make our company as great as it is and allow us to serve our customers everyday with kindness.