Go 'Topes!!!
Go ‘Topes!!!

Albuquerque has had its share of semi-professional sports teams, but none quite as popular as the Isotopes, our minor league baseball team and affiliate to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Founded in 2003, after the Albuquerque Dukes exited to Portland in 2000, the Isotopes have drawn crowds of people from all over the state. And fans are always able to enjoy an exciting game! This Thursday, we’re thankful for the opportunity to watch our beloved ‘Topes in action this season!

Head Down to Isotopes Park!

Although the season is coming to a close, there is still time to see the Isotopes play one last time! Head down to Isotopes park tonight to catch their last home game of the regular season. The first pitch will fly at 6:35! We’ll see you down there!