Thursday Thanks
Taking pride in our journey…

Gratitude flows in and out of our office constantly. We know how much we love our community and we know that they support us. That being said, it’s not every day that a satisfied customer walks in to our corporate office and pours on the support! Let’s just say we were really, really excited.

Thanks, Governor

In fact, the customer was so happy with the service that he received, that he wanted to thank “whatever governor” was in office when our CEO, Janice Lucero, got the contract to provide MVD Services. He let us know that he wouldn’t be going anywhere else for his root canals, we mean, his MVD services because we “get it right every time”. That’s quite the endorsement! We’re just glad that we could make someone’s day so great!

Pride in Our Journey

From the very start, we have felt great pride in the steps we have taken to be a great option for those who want MVD services quickly so that they can get on to other things in life. Like filing their taxes. Or reading that required 1,000 page novel for class. We’ll see you in our offices soon!