As you prepare for your New Mexico driver’s license test, there are many important things to remember. As you study the New Mexico Driver Manual, you may come across a variety of traffic signs that you need to memorize. Traffic signs are very important, as they exist to alert you for traffic rules and hazards. In this blog, we’ll look at some important traffic signs you should remember when it comes time to take your written exam.

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Common Traffic Signs

Before you schedule an appointment at your local DMV to take your written driver’s license exam, it’s important to ensure you have a thorough understanding of all of the different traffic signs. Let’s take a look at some common signs you may be tested on below!

Warning Signs

If you see diamond-shaped yellow signs on the side of the road with black lettering or symbols, these are likely warning signs. These signs are posted to give you warnings about an upcoming situation or hazard, and may include: cross roads, merging traffic, school crossing, low bridge, divided highway, pedestrian crossing, two-way crossing, and hill signs.

Railroad Crossing Signs

Most railroad crossings in New Mexico have signs or signals to warn drivers of their existence. As a new driver, it’s critical to remember that it’s never worth it to try and beat a train across the tracks. Some common railroad crossing warning signs and signals include:

  • A round, yellow warning sign with an “X” symbol and black “RR” letters.
  • A white, X-shaped sign that says “Railroad Crossing” on it. This sign has the same meaning as a “Yield” sign, and you must always yield to crossing trains.
  • At some railroad crossings, you’ll see side-by-side lights that will flash alternately when a train is approaching. When these lights are flashing, it’s up to the motor vehicle driver to stop. Some crossing feature gates that will raise and lower when a train is coming, while others will have a bell or horn that will sound.
  • School buses, taxis, and other vehicles for hire that carry passengers or transport hazardous materials must stop at least 15 feet away from a railroad crossing before proceeding.

Work Area Sign

If you see signs that are diamond or rectangular shaped that feature orange colors and black letters or symbols, these are probably work area signs. These signs are specifically designed to let you know that people are working on or near the roadway. These warning signs can include things like reduced speed, detours, slow moving construction, or changing road surfaces. In most work areas, the traffic flow may be controlled by a person with a sign or flag.

Speed Limit Signs

As one of the most important traffic and roadway signs to remember, you should always pay close attention to speed limit signs. These signs are used to indicated the maximum safe speed allowed for vehicles, as well as the minimum safe speed required in certain areas. The maximum speed limit should only be driven in idea driving conditions.

Lane Use Control Signs

These road signs tell you where you can go on a given road, and they often use an arrow to tell you which way you can turn. These signs can normally be found on the side of the road or hanging over the lane of travel.

No Passing Signs

As a driver in New Mexico, it’s important to keep your eye out for no passing signs as you cruise along the highway or expressway. These signs let you know when the act of passing is not permitted, and they are often placed in areas where there are unseen hazards like hills, curves, and intersections. Along with solid pavement markings, these signs help to indicate where on the road you can pass another vehicle and when a passing zone begins and ends.

Stop Sign

One of the first traffic signs you learn in driving school is the stop sign. This eight-sided sign features a red background with the white letters, S-T-O-P. When you approach this sign anywhere on the road, you must come to a complete stop at the stop line (if one is present). If there are other vehicles or pedestrians crossing, you must wait for them to cross until you can continue to drive.

Yield Sign

The yield sign is a downward pointing triangle with red and white letters. This sign is an indication that you are approaching an area where you must slow down and yield to the right-of-way of traffic.

Slow Moving Vehicle Sign

If you’re driving and you find yourself behind a vehicle with a reflective orange triangle, this is an indication that you are behind a slow moving vehicle. This sign is often seen on construction equipment, in rural areas on farm vehicles, or on horse drawn wagons and carriages.

We hope that this list of traffic signs can be of some assistance to you as you study for your written driver’s license test. If you live near Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe or Las Cruces and you’re looking for a speedy and friendly motor vehicle facility, be sure to visit one of our MVD Express locations today.