By now, you might know that MVD Express offers a call center staffed with super friendly customer service agents who are ready to answer your questions and perform a select number of services. The top five reasons to use our call center instead of stopping in include:

  1. When you’re comfortable in your PJ’s. Sometimes, it’s way more comfortable to stay inside (where it’s warm, or cool, depending on the time of the year) and you just can’t muster the energy to leave home. If all you need to do is renew your driver’s license or your vehicle registration, you can stay at home and take care of it over the phone.
  1. When you don’t have time to stop in. At MVD Express, we know that many of our customers are super busy. Between work, school, job hunting or taking care of the kids, life gets a little hectic. You can call us from your kid’s soccer practice and renew your driver’s license. It’s as easy as that!
  1. When you have a quick question. Some questions only require simple answers. When you need to know what time we close or what documents you need to bring in to transfer a title, call us. It’ll save you time that you would have taken when you made the trip down here!
  1. When you need a quote. Want to know how much your graduated driver’s license will cost? You can call us and get a quote for most of our services over the phone. Save time on a trip to your convenient location by calling instead!
  1. When you need to schedule an appointment. From concierge appointments to driver’s license tests, you can schedule an appointment over the phone instead of stopping in. It’ll be that much quicker to get things done!

Although we really like seeing you, we understand that there are many valid reasons for not being able to stop in. But we like getting phone calls, too! Call us today at 505.294.1732 in Albuquerque or at 575.373.8247 anywhere else in the state to take care of a variety of MVD Express needs! Talk to you soon.