There are ways to protect your identity.
There are ways to protect your identity.

You get to the front of the line at your favorite store to pay for the awesome new stuff you found. When you reach into the pocket where you usually keep your wallet, you find…nothing.


After retracing your steps since the last time you had your wallet, you realize that your rectangular cloth full of money is gone. So what do you do after you lose your wallet?

 1.    Cancel any debit/credit cards immediately.

Even if your wallet is simply misplaced, there is a chance that someone will find it and attempt to use your debit or credit cards. Call your bank or credit card company to report your card as lost.

2.    Put a freeze on your accounts.

This is especially important if you were carrying your Social Security Card in your wallet. Freezing your accounts lets the credit bureaus put out a fraud alert. This makes it more difficult for someone to open a new account with your information.

3.    Order replacement cards.

Bank and credit cards can usually be ordered at the same time as when you reported them lost or stolen. But other cards that give you access to things like gym memberships, insurance coverage and work ID cards must be ordered individually. Let each company you have an account with know that your wallet was lost or stolen.

4.    Report your wallet as lost or stolen.

Contact your local police department to let them know that your property was lost or stolen. If someone turns the wallet in, or tries to use your cards, the police will already have documentation.

5.    Order a credit report.

Just because you were quick to cancel your credit cards and report them stolen doesn’t mean someone was not able to open a new account or use your accounts. Obtain a credit report from all three bureaus just to be sure.

6.    Replace your ID.

Come in to any MVD Express location to obtain a replacement New Mexico driver’s license or ID. We can pull up an old photo we have on record to determine identity.

When you replace your New Mexico driver’s license or ID at MVD Express, you can always count on fast and friendly service. Stop in to any of our locations today to replace your lost or stolen identification cards!