Help us preserve this beautiful environment in which we live.
Help us preserve this beautiful environment in which we live.

At MVD Express, we are grateful to live in a state as enchanting as New Mexico. The people we meet and the environment we live in create this place that we are lucky enough to call home. We love New Mexico!

Today is World Environment Day, and we wanted to remind everyone that New Mexico is just as beautiful as we keep it. We all have a responsibility for preserving the natural beauty and the local ecosystems we enjoy every day.

Keeping New Mexico Beautiful

There are so many ways that you can help to keep New Mexico beautiful. Three of the easiest ways include:

Recycling aluminum, paper or glass can take waste out of the landfills and re-purpose it for something else we need. These materials are completely reusable and account for a large portion of trash. You might even be able to get cash for your old cans.

Turning Off Unused Electronics
Turning off and unplugging unused electronics can not only save you money on your utility bills, but it can also help you save the environment. When unplugged, appliances and electronics do not release harmful emissions into the environment.

Switching your Light Bulbs
Simply switching to florescent or LED light bulbs will reduce the amount of electricity needed to light your home. This translates to less money on your electricity costs while requiring less energy to turn on.

These options are not just good for the environment, but for your wallet as well. Setup a recycling bin at work or unplug your unused appliances at home. It’s as easy as that and you’ll be doing your part to keep New Mexico a wonderful place to live!