Thank You
Your feedback matters!

Almost every business has some sort of comment card box or feedback form that they encourage their customers to fill out. People can give their feedback about services, experience and overall satisfaction. Most of the businesses that have customer comment cards available read the comments, but not every business implements changes based on the comments that they have received.

At MVD Express, we read every comment and question that you send us. It helps us to understand what works and what customers feel needs to be improved on. They’re usually full of helpful suggestions, and we welcome the feedback. We encourage everyone that wants to tell us something to fill out our in-store or online customer feedback forms. We are always thankful for the time it takes you to fill them out and for the suggestions you give.

A Community-Based Organization

Part of the way that we show our appreciation for the time you take to support us is to donate our time and effort into helping our communities. With offices all over the state, we encourage our employees to volunteer their time to creating a better society. We do our very best to support the people who allow us to stay in business: thank you!