Not sure what to bring? Our website can help!
Not sure what to bring? Our website can help!

At MVD Express, we love to get you in, done and on your way in as little time as possible. Part of being able to do so is employing knowledgeable, resourceful customer service agents who can understand what you need and can help immediately. Over time, we’ve become a key resource for you to take care of your MVD needs because we have successfully employed knowledgeable customer service agents. We’ve built our website around the thought that we should be a resource for anything related to our customers MVD needs and have made it into an online resource for all New Mexicans who need to do anything from get their license to transfer their vehicle title.

What You’ll Find on our Website

Although we love to see you, we know you have better things to do with your day. Our website is packed with helpful information to help you spend as little time in our office as possible. You’ll find on our website:

Information about what you can do in office and online. You can:

Ways to minimize time in our office. You can:

If you have a special circumstance or are unable to find an answer to your more complicated MVD problem on the website, give us a call to skip the lines and speak to our knowledgeable representatives. We have a dedicated call center filled with customer service agents that can answer any question you might have. Call us at 505.294.1732 in Albuquerque or at 575.373.1367 from anywhere else in New Mexico. We look forward to helping you!