Need a motorcycle license? We can help!
Need a motorcycle license? We can help!

Winter is a good time to think about getting a motorcycle license. Testing lines are shorter during this time of year, and you can get your license with proper endorsement quickly.

Explaining the Different Endorsement Classifications

There are different endorsements on your license that show what type of motorcycle you are able to ride. Motorcycles have three different endorsement classifications in New Mexico, including.

    • Z. This endorsement is reserved for motorcycles smaller than 50cc. The rider must be above age 13 to obtain this endorsement.
    • Y. This endorsement is for 50cc to 100cc motorcycles r. The rider must also be above 13 to obtain this endorsement.
    • W. This endorsement is for motorcycles larger than 100cc. You must be at least 15 to apply for this endorsement.

We are here to answer any questions you might have about motorcycle endorsements or about the process to get your license.

Get Your New Mexico Motorcycle License at MVD Express

At MVD Express, you won’t have to worry about waiting in long lines and jumping through hoops to get your New Mexico motorcycle license. We make it fast and simple to complete the necessary paperwork. You’ll be out of our offices in no time at all. Come in and see us today for quick processing so you can get in, done on your way as soon as possible! We’ll see you soon!