Uh-oh! You’re looking down at your vehicle registration (hopefully not because an officer pulled you over) and realize that it’s out of date. What do you do?

Registration Renewal

You’re in luck! You can renew your expired vehicle registration at any time. Just keep in mind that there might be a:

      • $10 fine if you renew within 30 days of expiration
      • Fee of 75% of your renewal cost plus the normal registration fee

And you’ll need to have:

      • Your driver’s license or valid ID
      • Your car’s VIN number
      • Your passed emissions test
      • Proof on insurance in New Mexico

You’ll get quick and friendly service for all your vehicle registration needs, even if you are a little late to renew! So stop in today!

Skip the Trip and Renew Over the Phone

If you aren’t sure about how to renew your vehicle registration online, or just prefer to talk to someone, you can skip the trip to MVD Express and just renew over the phone. We’ll take care of all the details so you can get on to other things in your life. Like making plans for the weekend. Or scheduling that root canal.