Buying a car from a private owner is extremely common. From a lower price point that’s usually offered to the ability to purchase a car outright, there are plenty of reasons that people choose to buy cars from a private seller. If you’re considering purchasing a car from someone, there are a few documents that you should ask for to make sure that this purchase is something that you don’t regret down the road.

In today’s blog post, the team at MVD Express is going to go over a few of the documents that we suggest you ask for before completing the purchase. Let’s dive in.

Receipts for Oil Changes

The care that the vehicle has received is something that you definitely want to have on hand. One of the most common records that a seller should provide you with are a year’s worth of receipts on the oil changes that the vehicle has had. If the car received any additional services during the visit to the mechanic, this information should be on these records as well. While it may seem excessive to have this information when purchasing a car, this data can give you a solid idea of how well the car has been taken care of over the years.

Receipts for New Parts

If the seller is telling you that they have recently purchased parts for the vehicle, and they’re claiming that this is contributing to the asking price, you absolutely want to have some record of these purchases. Not only is it good for you to know this information so that you’re more familiar with the vehicle, but it’s also nice to have this info

Any Accident Records

Something that is always good to ask for are any records of accidents that the vehicle has been in. Not every vehicle will have been in an accident, but this is something that, if it has, you’ll want to have readily available. Aside from the fact that it will provide you with insight on the condition of the vehicle and how it’s running, this information can be extremely helpful if you do have problems down the road. Rather than spending a ton of money trying to figure out the cause, these records can give you a general idea of what is causing the problem in the first place.

Bill of Sale

A bill of sale is always required when purchasing a car from a private seller. This document must list both the buyer and the seller, the VIN for the vehicle, and the price that was agreed upon. The primary reason that this is necessary is because private sellers aren’t able to charge taxes for the car, but taxes are still required when purchasing from a private seller. This is an important factor to keep in mind when negotiating the price with a private seller. With the bill of sale in hand, the individual who purchased the vehicle will have to pay taxes upon their visit to the MVD to register the car and change the title over. That being said, make sure you have this document drafted up and ready before scheduling an appointment at MVD Express.

Title for the Vehicle

You never want to purchase a car from a private seller without asking for the title to the vehicle. This is the document that, when you have it in your hands and in your name, shows that you are the owner of the car. If you do not have this piece of information, the car could show up as being stolen. So, before you pay the seller, make sure that they not only provide you with the title, but that you go to the MVD together so that they’re able to sign the title over to you.

MVD Express Can Help With Title Transfers

We hope that today’s blog has been helpful in regards to purchasing a car from a private seller. If you do decide to purchase a car from a private seller, MVD Express can help you get the title signed over and in your name. If this is something that you’d like help with, visit our website and schedule an appointment so that you and the seller can quickly get this step taken care of.