While selling your car privately provides you with the opportunity to cash in on some extra money, it’s not as cut and dry as many believe the process to be. For starters, finding the right buyer can be a bit more challenging than people realize. Another piece that many sellers are not prepared to complete is the preparation of document transfer from their name to the buyer.

In today’s blog post, the team at MVD Express is going to go over a few of the documents that you should take time to get ready if you plan to sell your car. Let’s jump right in.

Receipts From Service

Something that many buyers are going to want to see are receipts from service over the last year or so. The primary reason that they ask for this is because they’re looking for some additional information on how the car was cared for and what state it’s currently in. With this information, the new owner can quickly turn back to this information if they experience an issue with the car, which is significantly better than having to pay to figure this basic information out.

If you have any records of oil changes, tire rotations, and service work that has been done, it’s good to go through these sheets and organize them so that you’re able to provide them with clear information on the car.

Receipts for Parts

In the case that you’ve purchased any parts for your car, it’s always good to have the receipt present. Oftentimes, these new parts serve as investments to the car’s well-being or functionality. That being said, it’s these types of investments that can contribute to the asking price. To show the value to the potential buyer, it’s good to have these receipts handy so that they see what factors are being lumped into that asking price. Anything from new tires to roof racks are great to have receipts for.

Aside from that, these receipts can also be extremely beneficial if for some reason the part stops working and is still under warranty. At this point, the new owner would be able to quickly find the receipt and take advantage of any active warranties.


Something that you’re definitely going to need to have ready for the buyer is going to be the title for the car. This particular document, when signed over to them, will state that they are the owner of the car. This particular document is necessary to register the vehicle, which the buyer will need to do. That being said, you definitely want to make sure that you have this readily available prior to putting your car on the market. If you’re not sure where your title is, schedule an appointment at MVD Express and we’ll get you taken care of.

Accident Records

While it may not be the ideal documentation to pull up and have ready to give a potential buyer, this type of information is something that can, again, be very beneficial in the instance that something happens to the car. If you don’t have this type of information, writing out a brief explanation of which parts of the car were affected in the accident and what was done to replace it can be equally as helpful. As we said, in the case that something were to happen to the car, they would have a good starting place to try and get it taken care of.

Like we mentioned earlier, this information can be difficult to share with a potential buyer, but it is genuinely so helpful. Being honest in this sense can create a relationship built on trust with any potential buyers, which is always the best case scenario.

Let MVD Express Help When We Can

The team at MVD Express may not be pros when it comes to selling cars, but we can help in certain areas of the process. One of the primary ways that we can assist with the process is through the title of the car. Whether you’re not entirely sure where your vehicle’s title is or you need to get it signed over to the new owner, our team can help!

Take a moment and visit our website online. There, you’ll be able to check wait times and schedule appointments to get a new title or to sign a title over. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office and we’d be happy to help.