We make your registration renewal quick and easy!
We make your registration renewal quick and easy!

We understand that there are so many reasons why it can be difficult to come in to renew your registration, but it’s something that needs to get done. If you’re thinking about coming down to your local office to renew but haven’t made the trip yet, consider the fact that:

      • You can be pulled over and cited by a police officer for having an expired tag.
      • You may be required to pay fines and fees to the state for not registering your vehicle on time.
      • You could be required to appear in court to demonstrate that you have registered your car.
      • You can be fined anywhere from an extra $10 up to 75% of your registration costs to legally drive your vehicle again.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your expired registration, fines and penalties can vary. Always check your registration on the last day of the month to ensure that you won’t incur penalties for forgetting to renew!

Renew your Registration Today

We’re committed to giving you fast and friendly service for all of your MVD needs, including renewing your vehicle registration. Whether you are renewing your registration early, on-time or late, visit our website to determine what documents you need to bring in to our office. We can’t wait to see you again!