Buying a CarPurchasing a vehicle can often be a confusing experience. You have a lot to consider, like your finances, the price of the vehicle and the cost interest payments, in order to make a selection that best suits you. So when the time comes to trading in your vehicle or to negotiating the price of another, it’s often difficult to know what’s fair. We’ve put together some resources to help you determine a vehicle’s fair value.

Resources Available

It’s always best to be prepared with information about the vehicle you intend to purchase or the vehicle you want to trade in before you start negotiations with the salesperson. In order to be prepared, use websites to determine value. These sites include:

Using these three guides will give you information about how much the car should be worth, how much people have paid for the same vehicle in your area and a range that you can expect to pay for the vehicle. They use calculations based on your location, the condition of the vehicle and the presence of after-market add-ons (like a stereo system) to make these calculations.

Ordering a CARFAX Report

In addition to doing research through those websites, a CARFAX report can tell you more information about a used car that can affect valuation and selection. For example, a car that was in a major accident and was salvaged should cost less than the same car without any serious damage. You can order your vehicle’s CARFAX report at MVD Express. Come and see us; we’ll get you in, done an on your way in no time!