Buying a used car is full of the unknown, even if you’re buying from a dealership. Before you, the car was used by someone else. Did that person take care of the car? Had it ever been in an accident before? All of these questions about the car’s history can be answered by a CARFAX report. Some of the top reasons to get a CARFAX report about your used car include:

  1. History of Ownership. You can see who the previous owner of the car was and what it was primarily used for. You can tell if the car was used as a private, rental or fleet car. That way, you’ll be able to determine what kind of wear and tear the car most likely has.
  1. History of Accidents. One of the biggest concerns that is on a used car owner’s mind is if the car has ever been in accident. An accident should not automatically rule out purchasing the vehicle, however. Evaluate the damages sustained. If there was significant damage to the engine or the frame, you might want to re-think your purchase. The CARFAX report should have information about whether or not the vehicle is a salvage.
  1. History of Service. The CARFAX report can include information about how well the car was maintained. A well-maintained car can last for many additional years, even if the mileage is a little high. Look for oil changes, tune-ups and other maintenance services to determine how well the car was maintained.
  1. History of Flooding. Flooding can damage some vital parts of the vehicle, eroding wires and other areas, and causing a need for additional repairs in the future. The CARFAX report can let you know whether or not the car was damaged by a flood and if so, what repairs were performed.

Some dealerships offer the CARFAX report at no cost. If the dealership or private owner does not offer you a CARFAX, however, you can always request one from MVD Express. Our friendly customer service agents will help you locate the CARFAX report for your car. It’s always better to know about any potential issues before you make your purchase!