So, you have an MVD-related problem that requires MVD assistance services.

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable handling your matter at the counter or maybe you just want to get in and out faster by scheduling your appointment ahead of time.

No problem!

Life can throw some curveballs your way and leave you at a loss for how to catch up (or where to start). When this happens, the friendly professionals in our MVD Executive Services Department will be there to help you sort through old traffic tickets, vehicle issues, mobile home transfers, or any problem that we can conceivably help you with. You’ll meet with an experienced professional and work with them in a private office where you can sit down and talk, instead of standing at the counter.


Our MVD Executive Services are fast and easy to use. In fact, it only takes three simple steps to get you in, out and on your way.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call any of our convenient locations to schedule an appointment for concierge service.
  2. Meet with our Executive Professional Agent at your scheduled time.
  3. We’ll offer you suggestions and solutions for how to fix your MVD-related problem—and take care of everything on the spot if possible!

Call your local MVD Express today to schedule your Concierge MVD Service appointment in New Mexico!

575.373.8247 in Las Cruces
505.294.1732 for all Other Offices


Our professionals in the MVD concierge service office are warm and friendly—we’ll give you a hug, hold your hand, and even schedule your dentist appointment for you.

Well, maybe we won’t schedule your dentist appointment for you (even though you might find it easier to do so after you’re done here), but you get the idea. You might even feel awesome enough to wrestle a bear (we don’t recommend that, though).

When it’s all over, we know you’ll thank us eternally and promise to tell all your friends about us.

The point is, we’ll be here when you need us to be and we’ll do our very best to help you. Contact us to setup your appointment today with our MVD Executive Services Department. The fees for concierge service vary with circumstance.

Then, you can finally schedule your dentist appointment!

MVD Express is proud to serve New Mexico with locations in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe and Las Cruces.