Costs Include MVD Express Convenience Fee + All Applicable State Fees and Tax.
If you need notary services in Albuquerque, NM, MVD Express has what you need! Our notary services are provided by notary publics who have been certified in the state of New Mexico to witness the signing of various documents.

The majority of documents a notary public is required to witness the signing of, have to do with the sale and signing over of property. For example, if you sell your car and need to transfer the title over to the new owner, our MVD Express notary public will witness and notarize the transfer.

Other documents that can be witness by our notary public include:

  • Affidavits
  • Acknowledgements
  • Oaths or formal protests

Our notary publics can also certify copies of documents, but they are not able to notarize vital records, publicly recorded documents or public records. Documents they cannot notarize include, but are not limited to, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and divorce decrees. Our notary publics also cannot prepare documents for you, give advice or perform any kind of law-related service.

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Whether you’re signing over a car title, need to register a new car, need to renew your driver’s license, or need any of our other MVD services, MVD Express has all the bases covered. We’re the home-town team and we value our customers. That’s why we pride ourselves in offering knowledgeable, friendly and most of all fast service so you Get In, Get Done and Get Going! Contact us for more information if you need notary services Albuquerque.

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