Fast Service
We are here to help you get on your way!

We know that visiting the MVD is just about as fun to you as sitting through your little brother’s school musical. Or going to work on your birthday. Or drinking milk past its expiration date. Or being called in to the principal’s office.

You get the picture.

At MVD Express, we work every day to change that feeling of dread that you have before coming to visit us. That’s why we offer service that gets you taken care of as quickly as humanly possible!

Get In…

When you first arrive at one of our locations, we will acknowledge you as soon as possible! In order to minimize your wait, you can check your local MVD Express wait time online before you come in!

Get Done…

We don’t like to keep you waiting for long, so we’ll see you as soon as we can. Once we figure out how we can help, we’ll do our best to get you finished in as little time as possible.

Get on your Way!

After you’re finished here, you can get on to more important things in your life. Like hanging out with your children. Or scheduling that dentist appointment…

Contact us for all your MVD Needs!

As your local provider of MVD services, we can help you with just about anything! Got a complicated MVD issue that requires more than just a regular visit? Try our executive services! Want private, one-on-one interaction with a customer service agent and no wait time? Schedule a concierge appointment! We’ll see you soon!