We love our customers!
We love our customers!

Have we told you lately that we love you? That you fill our hearts with gladness? That you take away all our sadness?

Well, if we have neglected to tell you how much you mean to us lately, we want you to know with absolute certainty how much we love you!

How We Declare Our Love for You

Sure, we might not have bought you candy and roses on your birthday. Or surprised you with take out from your favorite restaurant after a bad day. But we have declared our love for you in a different way: through excellent customer service. You see, when you stop in to any of our MVD Express locations around New Mexico, you’ll find:

Friendly Service

You might be having a bad day. Or you might just be really rushed. In any case, it’s great to deal with a customer service agent who is not only knowledgeable, but gives you friendly service with a smile!

Quick Service

We know you love us. And we love you! But you’ve got other things to do. That’s why our customer service agents work hard to get you in, done and on your way in no time at all! Or you can skip the line completely with our concierge services.

Sure, it might not be an engagement ring or a trip to Paris. But we do our best to make your life easier every day! What says love better than that?

See You Soon!

Just like in any other relationship, regular interaction is important. Stop in anytime to take care of your MVD needs. Or, if you’re more of an over-the-phone kind of person, give us a call to take care of your driver’s license renewal or registration needs. Either way, we’re looking forward to providing you with great customer service! See you soon