Most vehicles sold by private parties are not in perfect condition and usually the vehicle will be sold “as is”. MVD Express in Albuquerque walks you through the steps of purchasing a vehicle from a private owner.

  1. Figure out your budget. Before you can purchase a vehicle, you need to know how much money you can spend and how much you want to spend.
  2. Research vehicles.Look at many different types of vehicles that fall within your budget. Look up the features, user reviews and ratings.
  3. Determine the value of the vehicle. Once you have narrowed down your choices of vehicle, check the value based off something like Kelley Blue Book.
  4. Communicate with the seller. Contact the private seller and ask questions that have not been answered by the original ad such as mileage and condition.
  5. Get a Vehicle History Report. Before making any deals, ask for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and have us run a CARFAX report for you.
  6. Complete a physical assessment. Check the tires for wear, look under the hood, and check the electronics and other mechanics of the vehicle.
  7. Test Drive the vehicle. The vehicle may look great, but does it run well? Drive the vehicle on the highway and on residential and city streets. How does it feel?
  8. Assure Quality. Make sure you are about to purchase a quality vehicle by asking if to have your own mechanic evaluate repairs. This will help with price negotiations.
  9. Negotiate price. Now that you have seen the vehicle’s history, conducted a physical inspection and a test drive, begin negotiations with the seller.
  10. Transfer the vehicle title and registration.You can transfer the title and take care of all your vehicle registration needs with us at MVD Express

Buying a new vehicle from a private seller takes research and knowledge, so you can make sure you are making the best informed decision possible. MVD Express is able to help by expediting the process of transferring the vehicle title and processing your registration needs through our concierge service. When you rely on our fast, friendly service, getting on the road never got easier.